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Дата публикации: 12.03.2020

Xbox Live Gold - 1 month (all countries + Russia)


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The code can be used on account of any region where there is an option Xbox Live status. !!! REGION FREE !!!

Gold subscription level includes all the services level Silver, and also:

- Multiplayer mode for most games;

- Video chat directly in the game (with the equipment);

- Ability to communicate with more than one companion at a time;

- A unique system for creating and conducting competitions (TrueSkill matchmaking);

- Free game content, and more.

To activate the card:

- Go to the website http: http://www.xbox.com;

- Click the link Sign In in the upper right corner;

- Log in your account;

- Go to Manage Profile;

- Select Redeem Prepaid Card;

- Enter code purchased.

Цена: 530 руб.

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Купить или узнать подробнее

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